Complete Telecoms Limited provides a range of services for telecoms users and the industry including the sale of new and second-user telecoms equipment and spares, voice products to provide “high tech” yet economical handling of both incoming and outgoing calls and a range or associated consultancy services.



Unscrupulous and possibly dishonest individuals are attempting to use the identity of Complete Telecoms Limited when selling a range of goods over the internet.

They dishonestly quote our Name and Company registration number as assurance of their honesty.


Should you receive any offers of goods in the name of Complete Telecoms Limited, a UK registered company, please check their validity by emailing


In addition, and to avoid confusion please note that the following email addresses are totally unconnected with Complete Telecoms Limited, a UK registered company



Special Offers

Replacement batteries for DT570s/DT590s


TLU76/1/2 with or without cables

ELU29/11 with or without cables


Polycom Soundstation 2

Unused and boxed - £126.85 + VAT

Second-user complete and tested £76.23 + VAT

P&P  £10 + VAT


Complete Consono LIMs - call for price



DBC3214s - black

Octel Boards

DLC16E Octel 
CPU16 Octel 
VCU Octel 

Limited stocks

Call now 0845 4564110


Cables for ELU28/29 to MDF - Call for price

TSR 901 0492/32000

Available from stock

Call now 0845 4564110








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