Through a multi-million pound investment in network expansion, the service provider is perfectly placed to handle large numbers of simultaneous calls and route them to multi-site centres. By operating a central network queuing system, calls can be queued and delivered when lines are free - callers are even regularly advised of their position in the queue.

Your business can use all the most advanced services without the need for expensive capital expenditure.

“Key Customers” - We can even give you the option of prioritising your “Key Customers” to the front of the queue

Data Capture - We can prompt callers to leave contact details so they can be called back later. We can even provide information on those that have given up holding.

On Hold Message - We also provide streaming for "On Hold" advertising and messaging


Through a front-end automated voice service, the efficiency of how you route your inbound calls can be vastly improved. Your customer is asked to select options such as "0" for "operator", "1" for "Sales", "2" for "technical enquiries" etc. before the call even reaches your office. Pre-screening calls in this way by the service provider improves the delivery of calls to the correct place and ultimately saves you and your customer time and money.

The service provider’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform has been specifically designed to ensure maximum flexibility and scaleability to meet the demands of your business. With over 3000 lines of IVR available, it is one of the largest IVR platforms in the UK.


Whether you are looking to provide simple announcements or complete information services, this feature allows you to set up and host pre-recorded information services. You can configure and record your services remotely, giving you the great flexibility you need.


Should you need help in managing a large influx of calls into your call centre, our service provider has developed a data capturing service so you don't miss any of those vital enquiries. The service allows you to set up a series of questions that your customer responds to by leaving voice clippings on the IVR platform. For example, callers responding to a competition may leave their name, address and telephone number as well as their answers, which can be retrieved during quieter periods and transcribed onto CD.

This service has been specifically designed to handle a large number of calls within a small time frame and can be managed and monitored easily.


For training or security purposes your calls can be recorded, selectively retrieved by you and downloaded as necessary. This enables you to avoid the high capital costs associated with call recording and need for skilled maintenance and support staff.

For recording your inbound and outbound calls the service provider maintains a recording platform within their national network. These services are available to single and multi-site businesses, including home-workers. Calls can be accessed through a web-based search engine and played back through a standard multi-media PC. Alternatively you can download as an audio file for later analysis.


A key factor in attaining maximum call handling efficiency and performance is the ability for you or your call centre manager to monitor and control what is happening. Our service provider has a comprehensive suite of management products that allows you to view statistical information on a near real time basis and to make modifications to your set-up through secure internet access.

With call data being updated every 15 minutes the call centre manager can quickly monitor performance and act as necessary. This facility is available free of charge to all users of non-geographic numbers.


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